About Us

Words in Motion was founded during the lockdown of 2021 Sydney, Australia by a young couple Ashley and Ali (and of course their Dog - Nike).

This small business idea started from a passion we had for capturing special moments in our lives, with the focus on being able to provide ever lasting memories and happiness for any occasion. Sometimes photo frames just aren’t enough to tell a memory.

This motion video frame can tell a million stories, whether you’re giving it to your partner for an anniversary gift, or to a friend for their birthday or even to your grandparent that lives far away! The motion video frame is the perfect gift for every occasion for everyone!

We wanted to provide something that was simple to place anywhere you like or take anywhere you are.

If we can bring a smile and happiness to your day, our small business idea has worked!

Follow the journey with us ✨

Ashley, Ali and Nike 🐾